Gabbart Private Lesson Studio

If you are interested in starting private lessons with me, the first step is to sign up and let me know you're ready! Below is a quick form and questionnaire to let me know more about you and your goals. Please fill out each item to the best of your ability and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

All lessons are personally scheduled by me. If I have any further questions, I'll get in touch before adding you to my schedule.

The benefits of joining my studio:

  • You will receive the finest coaching possible. You will have my undistracted attention, the benefit of my years of experience, and (most of all) great care when it comes to learning and understanding music at a deeper level.
  • Receive access to my online library of etude books, practice methods and solo pieces for further study.
  • Personalized follow-up notes after each practice session. High quality instruction means that I track your progress and send along further notes and information to help keep you on task for next time!